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* Datahike Publications
* Status
** open issues:
- #147, #148 fixed with 0.2.2-SNAPSHOT
- #149 started
- rest start working on it in week 20
** finished features in current SNAPSHOT:
- Java API
- config overhaul
- migration functionality moved to load-entities, agnostic now, only loads list of quintuples (as vectors)
- [[][benchmark]] available, plots locally
- minor features: e.g. attribute definitions for ignoring history: noHistory(#129)
- garbage collection introduced in [[][konserve]], release to be reviewed
** started features:
- remote server with transactor
- dashboard for interaction with remote server (data views and administration)
- performance improvements
- monitoring and logging overhaul
- improved index representation
- documentation extension
- product website
** started design:
- branching
- sharding
- cljs support
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